YQCA Online Quality Assurance Training Opportunity and Discount

Licking County 4-H / FFA Livestock Project Members…

(beef | dairy | dairy feeder | goat | poultry | rabbit | sheep | swine)

In case you are interested in moving ahead with your Livestock Quality Assurance training in an ONLINE format, I am happy to provide you with details…

[BACKGROUND: All members in the above-listed projects are required to complete a Livestock Quality Assurance (QA) training on an annual basis in order to show in Junior Fair programs such as the Hartford Fair and Ohio State Fair. The YQCA training program was initially approved by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (Nov 2019) for the 2020 season with the understanding that it be open to youth ages 12 and older – with the expectation that youth ages 8-11 be expected to attend an in-person training. With the interruption of programming by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided to open up the YQCA training to Ohio youth of all ages during 2020.]


Online training is available through the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) web-based program. The program is typically offered at a cost of $12 per youth member, but is being offered during the month of April at a reduced cost of $9.00. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must complete a Coupon Order Form, mail the form along with payment, and receive your coupon code by email… Then you must complete your training during the month of April. A separate coupon is needed for each youth wishing to take advantage of the discount… Please know that there’s certainly a chance that the discount will be extended, but if it is not, the price simply goes back to $12.

Once you have the Coupon Code, you can log in to the YQCA system (details below), and complete the appropriate training modules. Upon completion of certification, you need to email mccutcheon.46@osu.edu to notify me that you have completed the training (I would also suggest notifying your 4-H / FFA Advisor). I will them remove you from the list of those who still need to complete QA training for the 2020 project / fair year. While we will also be offering an online Test-Out option, which will be ready shortly, and plan to offer online Zoom training meetings, this online certification is a great option for many of you who wish to go ahead and get your training out of the way early.

You will find the Coupon Code Order Form, Instructions on Ordering Coupons, and Instructions for Getting your YQCA Certification online. They are located on www.licking.osu.edu > 4-H Youth Development page – on the Livestock Resources tab, Hartford Fair tab, and the What’s New tab… Please note that instructions are slightly different for FFA members, but youth in both 4-H and FFA programming make take advantage of the YQCA training. (Note: YQCA is not intended for use by adult 4-H / FFA advisors).

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