Licking County 4-H Update: March 27, 2020

You can find the most recent updates for the Licking County 4-H Program here. Yes, we realize that it has only been TWO DAYS since the last update, but that’s just how quickly things can change, or new information becomes available… These tidbits also come to you as a result of some great discussion had with 4-H Club Advisors, during two Zoom sessions held Thursday to address any questions or concerns that they might have during this programming interruption. The adult 4-H volunteers that we have here in Licking County are among the very best, and they are genuinely interested in helping youth throughout the county connect with 4-H clubs and continue with a meaningful experience in 2020! During our discussion, they asked questions, offered ideas, and indicated their strong desire to keep moving forward… and that’s just exactly what we are doing!

The details found in the link above address a number of areas, everything from moving forward with enrollment, to changes that we will see at this year’s Hartford Fair. I ask that all families review the details closely, just to be sure that something doesn’t get missed. As questions arise, please be sure to let us know! We are anxious to get back to the fun and busy of 4-H in Licking County, but for now, we want all of our 4-H families to stay home, and stay safe! Know that we are thinking of you and looking forward to the opportunity to see all of you very soon!

As for the next update, it will more than likely come next week, as we hope to know more details about the opportunity for you to continue purchasing 4-H project books. And it’s entirely possible that as soon as this is posted, we will think of something that we forgot to tell you! Until then… BE WELL!