Sewing Face Masks for Medical Professionals

Looking for a great way for your youth (or you!) to practice your sewing skills? There has been a recent call for home sewists to make face masks for our medical professionals who may be running low on supplies. There are many videos and options out there. A video for a great and easy design that allows the wearer to insert a liner can be found here. There is another style of mask shown below. Sewing face masks would be a great community service project and you can include it as a citizenship/leadership activity in your project book! You can pass these masks along to any medical professional or EMT you know.

You can also mail them to the following address for distribution to Central Ohio hospitals and facilities:

Jennifer Andrade

PO Box 141415

Columbus, OH 43214

Check out more information on Facebook in the group “Operation Face Mask” for more videos, patterns, as well as local specific mask needs.

Special Note: Many of the patterns call for thin elastic to complete the masks. We know that isn’t something that everyone will have on hand for this project. We do NOT want you to go out shopping for this project. If you do not have elastic, you could make the mask that has a casing for the elastic so that elastic could be added later OR you could also make masks with fabric ties. Please continue to stay safe and healthy!

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2 thoughts on “Sewing Face Masks for Medical Professionals

  1. I was trained to sew by 4h
    I am in Licking County. I have the cutters and ability to cut 500-1000 face masks (At my Home) if someone has material by the bolt. It would make it more efficient for the sewers.
    If you would like to talk to me,
    Shirley Neibarger

  2. I am homebound in Morris, Alabama because I am 76 years old. I have been sewing for a very long time. I would love to help.

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