Hartford Fair Update: March 18, 2020

As we continue our planning and preparations for the 2020 Hartford Fair (August 9-15, 2020), I wanted to provide you with a few critical updates pertaining to Junior Fair exhibitors. I ask that you share this widely, with any and all youth who plan to exhibit junior fair project animals in August. NOTE: These changes apply to Licking County 4-H members, Licking County FFA members (Johnstown / Licking Valley / Northridge / Utica), and any Knox or Delaware County 4-H and FFA members who plan to participate in the 2020 Hartford Fair. Please know that these rules do not pertain to the Knox or Delaware County fairs individually – in both cases, you should reach out to your respective Extension staff members for additional information.

In light of the 4-H | FFA programming interruption that we are currently experiencing, adjustments have been made to some livestock possession deadlines, as well as guidelines pertaining to Quality Assurance. Please know that Quality Assurance is still required of all members, but the training window has been extended to July 1st for HARTFORD FAIR exhibitors. I ask that families pay attention to these updated details, and that advisors share with all families connected to their club or chapter. Extending these deadlines is seen as providing opportunity for those who have not yet met with their 4-H Club (due to forced cancellations), or who are uncertain of their intent to purchase livestock at this time for fair(s) that will take place this summer. NOTE: Be sure to check on Knox and Delaware County policy and rules pertaining to meeting requirement of their exhibitions.

An UPDATED Livestock Requirement Summary can be found here. Some cells within the table are highlighted in yellow, so as to draw your attention to changes.

As you consider your options for completing Quality Assurance training, please pay close attention to the details found here. Online certification is being made available to everyone through the YQCA national curriculum, but there is a cost of $12 per person. While you are welcome to choose that option this year, please know that it is not necessary at this time. We plan to offer additional face-to-face sessions in June, in order to accommodate the large number of individuals who still need to complete training. I just don’t want you to think that you have to pay for training, especially in cases where that would create a financial hardship. It’s only an option… NOTE: Be sure to check on Knox and Delaware County policy and rules pertaining to meeting requirement of their exhibitions.