Reminder: 4-H Project Judging on July 9th

All Clothing, Foods, and Special Interest projects will be judged on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at C-TEC in Newark (150 Price Road). Please use entrance 4 (far west entrance). Clothing projects will be judged in the morning, Foods projects in the afternoon and Special Interest projects throughout the day. Please find your club’s scheduled judging times here.

Please note: Quilting and Cake Decorating projects are considered Special Interest projects and will be judged during Special Interest project judging times.

Special Note for those taking Shooting Sports Projects:  Guns, bows, ammunition, and firearms of any kind are not permitted. Participants may not use any of these items or three-dimensional replicas of the items as a part of any display. Displays also may not include any part of an arrow longer than six inches. Display may not include any “loaded” ammunition. Any shells or casings must be open so that a visual examination can show that there is no powder in ammunition (the caps must be either absent or expended).

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