2019 Project Judging Day Schedule

The schedule for our Project Judging Day on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 can be found here. Project judging will take place at C-TEC, located at 150 Price Road in Newark. Please use entrance 4 (the far west entrance).

Please note that the schedule will vary compared to how judging has been done in the past. Special Interest project judging has been scheduled throughout the day as it has been done in the past. All Clothing project judging will take place in the morning. All Foods project judging will take place in the afternoon.

Please plan to arrive by your club’s scheduled judging time. The judging times are scheduled based on the number of projects enrolled in each club in order to evenly distribute them throughout the judging period to help keep the project judging process moving along.

When you arrive, please check in with our volunteers at the registration tables to sign in for each of your projects and to fill out the top portion of your scoresheets. You will be given a number for each project that you will have judged. Please take a seat and listed for your judge and number to be called.

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