Lisa’s Going Global!

Safe travels to Lisa McCutcheon as she travels to Guam to represent 4-H and assist with training at the University of Guam. Last year, Lisa and Adrienne hosted a delegation from the University of Guam for a day. They discussed project curriculum, judging, camps, and many other things. Much of the 4-H programming in Guam is currently set up as after-school and school enrichment programing. They are looking to expand that programing into more traditional forms of 4-H. Lisa and Joy Sharp (Pickaway County 4-H Educator) will be spending the upcoming week in Guam to assist with this transition. Please realize that Lisa may be unable to check/respond to email while she is away. Should you have questions, please call the Licking County Extension Office at 740.670.5315 and we will assist you as best we can. Lisa has promised us that she will be back in time for the next Quality Assurance and Horse Safety & Ethics training on May 6th.

2 thoughts on “Lisa’s Going Global!

  1. Lisa do us good! U represent all of our tremendous LOVE for the 4-H program and what it means in our lives and how it enriches so many others. Thank u Lisa for ur years of service and continued growth! B safe. Sue Garrabrant

    • Awww… Sue, you’re so sweet! Thank you! It was indeed a fabulous adventure!

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