Artifact 3

The actuarial science club organized a presentation on April 1st by the president of CAS which is an actuarial science organization. Each actuarial science student needs to be able to graduate from college and also be able to pass the exam in order to be able to participate in the actuarial science career.

This presentation is being given by Jim Christie who is the president of the CAS. This presentation gives me more details about my career pathway and helps me to organize more about what I should be able to do before I graduated from college and step into the next stage.

The actuarial science exam is much harder than the class that we take during school time. The pass rate of the exams is pretty low. And this is also the reason why it is a hard major. Actuarial science major requires students to finish a four years school work like other student but at the same time, they also need to pass at least two to four exams so that they would be able to get into the career.

For an actuarial science major, which is very similar to a math major. But besides math skill, actuarial science major also requires a high level of communication skill and financial skill. Those skills are very hard compared to math skill. This presentation gives a lot of tips about how can I be more prepared and be more competitive in my career for the future. And what I should do for the rest of my college life.

Artifacts 2

For Scholar Seminar that we need to interview a professor about their research project. I went to interview professor Nuo Sun. He is focusing on the research of heart disease, especially focus on congestive heart failure. According to the report that the global population starts to get older and older and, the geriatric disease seems to be a big part of it. He thinks that if the scientist can research on this career it will benefit the human in the future. And he mentioned that when he was doing the research he is always so clear about what he wants, so he will always focus on the main goal that he need to do. So that he always knows what he wants and he never fell there is too much work and he can’t handle this anymore.

After this conversation, I learned that attitude is really important for me and it would really affect me in the career I am studying in. This conversation did give me a little hint about how can I get through my current situation because I think I have too much work and I don’t kn0w what should I do for this. I am also trying to find where am I going, I can’t decide for what I am going to do for the next four years, and professor Sun gives some suggestions on what I should do for now. I think this helps me a lot. I will always remember that I need to find my main goal throughout my life, and no matter what happens the only thing I need to do is Working towards my main goal. The Goal will change over time but my passion for that goal should never change. I think many of my peers are also facing the same kind of situations now, and I think I get a chance to talk to a person who had already get through this situation and works well in this career I think this could help me to build up my motive to move forward and help me to deal with my situation in the current stage. This activity makes me step out of my comfort zone because I need to start and lead the conversation all by myself, and I am not a person who really like to speak up, and this activity challenges me a little bit. 

Artifact 1

The meaningful experience is the homework called University Resource Preparation in my survey class. This homework is basically that everyone of us goes to the major resource center in the school. Like the libraries, the health center, the undergraduate research center, the test center, the consulting center and so on. This activity takes me a couple days to walk around and take pictures around. But I think this homework give me a chance to know the university resource better than my peer s who never did this homework. After I finish this homework I have a better sense of what resource our university have and available for us, then in the next four years I will be using those resource efficiency and that will help me to develop better in my major career. In this activity I need to take pictures around campus, there are many people looking at me when we do that but I can ignore that. This gives me a chance to ask any questions that I have and afraid to ask in the past. So that I really step out and to go to the resource center and ask them about their major usage and take a picture, next time when I need something I will know what should do for this. I would definitely say that this activity is a great project to do, and it worths the time.


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