According to the previous information and the data, the conclusion can be made. It is true that the more exam the student has, the more likely the student could find an actuarial internship. At the same time, the upper class has more chances to find an internship compared to the lower class, and one of the reasons is the upper-class student is likely to have more exams passed compare to the lower-class. Word hard on the exams is very important, however, there are other things also we can consider according to data there is still two percent of students having nothing but still got an internship.

Update 2

After collecting the data, the data needs to be group by the different class, and the different number of exams has been taken. Here are some data provided about the exams: For freshmen, ninety-eight percent of freshmen have zero actuarial exams passed, only two percent of freshmen have one actuarial exam passed. For sophomores, eighty-seven percent of sophomore has no actuarial exam passed, thirteen percent of them have one actuarial exam passed. Fifty-nine percent of Junior class passed zero actuarial exams, twenty-two percent of them pass only one actuarial exam, fifteen of them pass two actuarial exams, one percent pass three actuarial exams and two percent pass four actuarial exams. In senior class, twenty-one percent has zero actuarial exams passed, nineteen percent has passed only one actuarial exam, thirty-nine percent has two actuarial exams, sixteen of them passed three actuarial exams, and six percent of senior got four actuarial exams. After grouping the internship information by class, we figured that most freshmen and sophomore has no actuarial internship, ten percent of juniors had an actuarial internship in the past, and fifty-one percent of senior had one actuarial related internship before. The data also shows that most of the students passed four exams are be able to find an actuarial related internship, ninety-two percent of the students can find an actuarial internship with three exams passed, with two exams passed forty-six percent of the student can find an actuarial related internship, eighteen percent of the students passed one exam can find an actuarial internship and only two percent of the student who doesn’t pass any exams can find an internship in actuarial.

Planning Post Turn in

I have been planing my project for a while. As I mentioned in my introduction. My project is focusing on to do some investigation on how much actuarial exams is going to affect actuaries in their professional career such as an internship. I decide to survey. Setting up a survey with couple conditions of testing scenarios such as which year are students currently in and how many exams have students been taken and have you ever get, and records them as paid or unpaid. And using statistical methods to collect data and analyze the data. In order to make it more accurate, the data has been collect and record group by years. And reform the data with the number of exams has been passed. And compare them, and doing the analytical equations to figure out the relationships between the number of exams has been passed with effect in a professional career.

Introduction of Capstone Project

Introduction of capstone project

My capstone project is focusing on a niche topic: Actuarial Science. What is Actuarial Science? Here is a formal explanation from Wikipedia: “Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance, and other industries and professions. More generally, actuaries apply rigorous mathematics to model matters of uncertainty. Actuaries are professionals trained in this discipline.”. This long line can be cut short as Actuarial Science is the math of risk in many different fields. In the year of 2018, Actuarial Science suddenly became the most valuable major in college. And many media and news have been introducing this incredible major to their audience. There must be a concern: what makes actuarial science to became a so unique major and what’s the difference between actuarial science and math? Basically, math is a part of actuarial science but it’s not all of it. Actuaries needs to be an expert in math, finance, insurance, programing and so on. A wide range of fields is one of the characteristics of actuarial science. The most striking, of course, is the actuarial exam. The actuarial exam is divided into several subjects similar to the CPA but more difficult. Passing the actuarial exam means that you already have some qualifications as an actuary. As more and more people become interested in actuarial science, it raises a question: the actuarial exam is a test to see if you’re a qualified actuary, but it’s well known that learning and work don’t mix. So is the actuarial exam a decision to get a job or an internship? I am now a sophomore major in actuarial science, who also needs to conquer actuarial examination. Of course, I also have a great curiosity about my future career. Therefore, I want to take this as a research topic to do some investigation on how much actuarial exams is going to affect actuaries in their professional career such as internship?

STEM Current Event

A Chinese scientist, Jiankui He, edited a baby’s gene and made the baby has nature antibiotic to HIV. This is not allowed by many regulations.

Jiankui He, who is an assistant professor at Southern University of Science and Technology in China. On November, 26th, 2018. He announced that a pair of twins baby, Lulu, and Nana, is born with nature antigens to HIV virus because he edited their genes. Much Chinese scientific organization announces that this action is prohibited and illegal. And Chinese society will research about these situations and give punishment to those organizations who are doing illegal gene editing research.

I think gene editing is both good and bad. It is good because it can help people get rid of that painful disease so that human being can live longer and live in a happier life without those diseases. But at the same time, it is also very creepy. Because this action can start to change human being become a robot. I think a human being should always facing sickness and death. If people can get rid of those, it is not human anymore. That would be called a robot. I think Jiankui He deserves punishment because he is doing something has not been proven by anything scientific regulations. Instead, there are many laws and regulations are saying that gene editing is illegal and not allowed in China.

Year In Review

Spring 2019 semester is almost ended, my freshmen year is almost ended as well. When I paused and look back to what I did for my freshmen year, I think the most important thing is planning. In the beginning, I choose my major because I love math and I want to do math in real life but I know nothing else about this career. By the times going on, I know more about what course that I need to take and make the four years of study planning for an actuarial science career. And later on, I went to a couple of presentations that actuarial science club planed, and I know more about the actuarial exams and what I skill that I should have before I went out for internships. I start to pay attention to the skills that I need to gain outside school time such as python.

But sometimes things do not go as well as my expectations. Sometimes all things are crowded together and I just can get things done. During my freshmen year, I find out that I am lack of the skill of multitasking. I can not handle so many things at the same time. I think that I had improved a lot throughout the year. And I think that this is a really important skill that I need to keep working on it for the future.

In the end, I think this is a great year for me. Because I feel that the scholar program gives me a lot of opportunities that other international student would not be able to have. And I am actually growing up from a high school student to a college student in a real way. And I am really looking forward to another great year to be spent with scholar programs.

Artifact 3

The actuarial science club organized a presentation on April 1st by the president of CAS which is an actuarial science organization. Each actuarial science student needs to be able to graduate from college and also be able to pass the exam in order to be able to participate in the actuarial science career.

This presentation is being given by Jim Christie who is the president of the CAS. This presentation gives me more details about my career pathway and helps me to organize more about what I should be able to do before I graduated from college and step into the next stage.

The actuarial science exam is much harder than the class that we take during school time. The pass rate of the exams is pretty low. And this is also the reason why it is a hard major. Actuarial science major requires students to finish a four years school work like other student but at the same time, they also need to pass at least two to four exams so that they would be able to get into the career.

For an actuarial science major, which is very similar to a math major. But besides math skill, actuarial science major also requires a high level of communication skill and financial skill. Those skills are very hard compared to math skill. This presentation gives a lot of tips about how can I be more prepared and be more competitive in my career for the future. And what I should do for the rest of my college life.