Update 2

After collecting the data, the data needs to be group by the different class, and the different number of exams has been taken. Here are some data provided about the exams: For freshmen, ninety-eight percent of freshmen have zero actuarial exams passed, only two percent of freshmen have one actuarial exam passed. For sophomores, eighty-seven percent of sophomore has no actuarial exam passed, thirteen percent of them have one actuarial exam passed. Fifty-nine percent of Junior class passed zero actuarial exams, twenty-two percent of them pass only one actuarial exam, fifteen of them pass two actuarial exams, one percent pass three actuarial exams and two percent pass four actuarial exams. In senior class, twenty-one percent has zero actuarial exams passed, nineteen percent has passed only one actuarial exam, thirty-nine percent has two actuarial exams, sixteen of them passed three actuarial exams, and six percent of senior got four actuarial exams. After grouping the internship information by class, we figured that most freshmen and sophomore has no actuarial internship, ten percent of juniors had an actuarial internship in the past, and fifty-one percent of senior had one actuarial related internship before. The data also shows that most of the students passed four exams are be able to find an actuarial related internship, ninety-two percent of the students can find an actuarial internship with three exams passed, with two exams passed forty-six percent of the student can find an actuarial related internship, eighteen percent of the students passed one exam can find an actuarial internship and only two percent of the student who doesn’t pass any exams can find an internship in actuarial.

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