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A Chinese scientist, Jiankui He, edited a baby’s gene and made the baby has nature antibiotic to HIV. This is not allowed by many regulations.

Jiankui He, who is an assistant professor at Southern University of Science and Technology in China. On November, 26th, 2018. He announced that a pair of twins baby, Lulu, and Nana, is born with nature antigens to HIV virus because he edited their genes. Much Chinese scientific organization announces that this action is prohibited and illegal. And Chinese society will research about these situations and give punishment to those organizations who are doing illegal gene editing research.

I think gene editing is both good and bad. It is good because it can help people get rid of that painful disease so that human being can live longer and live in a happier life without those diseases. But at the same time, it is also very creepy. Because this action can start to change human being become a robot. I think a human being should always facing sickness and death. If people can get rid of those, it is not human anymore. That would be called a robot. I think Jiankui He deserves punishment because he is doing something has not been proven by anything scientific regulations. Instead, there are many laws and regulations are saying that gene editing is illegal and not allowed in China.

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