Artifact 3

The actuarial science club organized a presentation on April 1st by the president of CAS which is an actuarial science organization. Each actuarial science student needs to be able to graduate from college and also be able to pass the exam in order to be able to participate in the actuarial science career.

This presentation is being given by Jim Christie who is the president of the CAS. This presentation gives me more details about my career pathway and helps me to organize more about what I should be able to do before I graduated from college and step into the next stage.

The actuarial science exam is much harder than the class that we take during school time. The pass rate of the exams is pretty low. And this is also the reason why it is a hard major. Actuarial science major requires students to finish a four years school work like other student but at the same time, they also need to pass at least two to four exams so that they would be able to get into the career.

For an actuarial science major, which is very similar to a math major. But besides math skill, actuarial science major also requires a high level of communication skill and financial skill. Those skills are very hard compared to math skill. This presentation gives a lot of tips about how can I be more prepared and be more competitive in my career for the future. And what I should do for the rest of my college life.

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