About Me

I am Jiaen Li. I am majoring in Mathematics. I am an international student from China, and I live in Cincinnati in the past five years. I choose STEM EE Scholars is because I like Science and Math a lot, and I have to have further exploration in these areas. I know that scholars are learning more outside the classroom, that’s what I am interested in. In China, we sit in the classroom and do whatever teacher tells us to do, and now here is a chance that I can go out and learn in a different way. My dad is a doctor and I was reading the biochemistry textbook when I was little, and later on, I start to interesting in math. So now I decide to do more in math. I am interested in STEM because I think the STEM is helping us through our everyday life, it’s important and helpful in the worldwide. My personal skill is that I can get into a situation quickly since my personal experience, I would love to work hard and to learn the professional skills in math.