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Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity is not only the cornerstone of modern physics, but also the enlightenment of my academic and social life since I define my success (E) as the product of the mass of my academic intelligence (m), the brightness of my leadership skills (c) and the amount of light I bring to the community with my services (c). Academic advancements have put me among the best students in school, and cultural development has opened another window for me to view the world from a different perspective. My leadership skills have been built from leading and participating in activities of Science Olympiad, Chinese Culture Knowledge Competition, SPARK (Lakota East’s nationally recognized high school magazine) and National Honor Society. Volunteer projects such as nursing home visits, environment cleanup and new immigrant assistance have taught me what the community needs and how I can contribute to the society. These experiences will surely enable me to make a jump start in my college life, and give me another chance to prove and realize my equation of success: E = mc^2.

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