Artifacts #1

Floor 11

This is a picture that was taken after a Floor 11 STEM EE Scholars’ While Elephant Gift Exchange that happened before finals week of first semester. It was a nice de-stress event.

I remember being so nervous about my college experience during the summer after my senior of high school. I never knew that I was going to experience the best year of my life with some of my favorite people. Making new friends has never been easier. I honestly had no idea that I people on my entire floor were going to be best friends with each other.  It’s been a wonderful experience getting to spend all day and all night together with friends and working through all of our struggles together. The ups and downs are so much more exciting and every one of them brightens up my day to make bad days more bearable.

This event is one of the many events that we planned together, but it’s the only one where we actually got a group picture with everyone in it. Words cannot explain how much I will miss this group of people next year. Housing forced us to live apart, but the friendship that we had will last forever.