After taking my strengths finder tests, I found out that my top 5 strengths are: woo, positivity, includer, restorative, and achiever. It is interesting to look back on my life and find out how it relates to the things I do daily and furthermore my personality as a whole. Now, I realize what my strengths are and can pay special attention to them in everyday life.

It is really easy to see one of my top strengths, woo, playing a role in my life. I absolutely love meeting new people and hanging out with different friend groups. This has helped me a lot this year in college; it has allowed me to meet a lot of friends during orientation and in my classes. I am almost never alone. Additionally, with academics, my strength of wooing has helped me create a closer relationship with professors and teacher assistants. I constantly ask questions during and after class to make sure I understand the material, because I know that the professors are there to make sure their students pass their class and succeed in the future. Office hours are really my favorite when it comes to talking to professors. This strength supports my thoughts about my future goals of becoming an actuary. First of all, it could be easier for me to find a job since I have an advantage over everyone else with my communication skills. Second, there are jobs in the actuarial science field that are not just about calculating risk. I will also have to be able to explain things so that people who don’t know that much about the calculations would understand what I am getting at. As for my future personal goals, I hope to build stronger relationships with people. Wooing makes it easier for me to find new friends that I might eventually come best friends with.

Positivity, my second best strength on the strengths finder test, also plays a significant role in my life because I like to focus on traits or events that make me happy. When it comes to disliking people or a specific class, it is really hard for me. I love everyone in general which makes it effortless for me to build strong relationships with others. I also like it when others are comfortable around me and rely on me for positive input and help. Academically, it is very easy for me to like a class because I focus too much on the acceptable and interesting concepts than the detestable sections. This is actually bad sometimes because it makes it harder for me to want to drop a class even when I am not doing that well in the class. I am interested in so many things that it’s hard for me to just pick one as my major in college. Knowing my strength of positivity does, in fact, support my future goals. Since it is hard for me to be discouraged, it will probably be very hard for the difficult required classes of my major to knock me down. I will always be able to see the positive side of my major and future. My strength of positivity will allow me to be in a healthy mental state even in my hardest times.

In addition to woo and positivity, includer was also one of my top 5 strengths. I have a lot of large friend groups in my life. Sometimes my friends get annoyed at me when I constantly add more people into the group because they are not as familiar with them as I am. I like making everyone happy and I know what it feels like to be left alone. It hurts me when people don’t invite me into something that they are doing, so I would never want to lower someone else’s self-esteem when I know I can prevent it. Relating includer to academics, I am pretty good with group projects and making sure that everyone in the group is actually involved and that one person is not doing all of the work. The project always turns out better when more people put effort into it and use their strengths to perfect it. This strength also supports my future goals of working with a large company. Large companies often have a lot of group projects to work on during the year. Being an includer, I will be able to identify each person’s strength and talents and bring out ultimate results from teamwork in a group. Furthermore, for personal goals, I want to be someone everyone wants to be friends with and bring people of different personalities or character together. As an includer, I am able to bring a lot of people together and make them feel like they belong.

Restorative was my fourth best strength and my favorite strength. I think that I relate to this strength the most out of the five that were mentioned in my test. I love to be the best at things though I do not enjoy bragging about it. Being restorative motivates me to be the best of the best, personality-wise and academically. Being the worst in class or being told that I can’t do something only pushes me to work harder and achieve more. When I want to accomplish something, I set my mind to it until the work that I did was as close to perfection as possible. This strength might be the reason why I am entertained by computer science. Findings bugs in my code interests me and I feel very accomplished when I finish fixing my code. This strength of being restorative supports my future goals just like woo, positivity and include. I want to be able to make a positive impact in the world’s economy by majoring in actuarial science. My restorative strength will allow me to perfect the economy one step at a time and drive me to correct all of the mistakes, or bugs, that I see.

Finally, achiever was the fifth best strength that showed up in my strength finder results. I appreciate the feeling of accomplishment and succeeding. I am the type of person who can only fall asleep after I cross off everything on my to-do list and planner. I get disappointed in myself when I don’t finish things by deadline because waiting to the last minute to do things is never a good idea for me. Academically, being an achiever urges me to do my homework and study for tests. Ever since freshman year of high school, I have never missed a homework assignment or taken a test without studying. This strength strongly supports my future goals of double majoring in theoretical mathematics and actuarial science. I will have to work hard and accomplish something every day to work towards my goal. Personally, being an achiever drives me to break through all the barriers that are in my way to make my positive impact on the world’s economy. As an achiever, I have the traits to drive myself forward and attain my goals both personally and academically.

In my opinion, I feel that these results were relatively correct. There were some that I was surprised to not see in my top five. I would have been more helpful if the test allowed me to see all of the strengths listed in order, with the first one being the strongest one. This way, I would be able to see what my top ten are and find out what I am absolutely terrible at. All in all, this was a very interesting project that allowed me to understand myself on a deeper level.