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I have always been interested in STEM fields ever since I did a class project in third grade on Emmy Noether. Her ambition and determination to make her contribution to mathematics and physics, even when those fields were frowned upon by society for women to enter, truly inspired me. My passion in STEM fields actually began when I heard my father’s complaints to insurance companies about the increasing cost of his premium every time we had to renew our insurance policies on our house and cars. I know it is part of my father’s efforts to lower our cost of living under today’s economic environment, but it does trigger my curiosity on the STEM world. How do these companies do business? How do they calculate their cost? How do they avoid risks and make a profit at the same time? What theories and algorithms do they use in their business operations? I was curious and wanted answers to all of these questions. I need to know what happens behind all of the bills and paychecks.

While taking many career quizzes to find a profession in the STEM field that matches my interests, I came across Actuarial Science. This field includes so many of my obsessions and strengths: probability, mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, financial economics, and computer programming. My friends make disgusted faces when I confess my career of interest. They think I have gone mad for adoring such boring and difficult topics and classes, but I disagree. To me, math is a universal language that almost everyone speaks, and graphs are explanations of many important economic laws and mathematical theories.

Mathematics has always been my forte. Math became my life and blood not only because I had never gotten anything below an A in the class, but also because equations were my sentences, numbers were my letters, and equal signs were my commas. In addition, economics also prompted my goal of becoming an Actuarial Scientist. I was awestruck by how the complexity of it could be captured in a downward sloping demand curve and an upward sloping supply curve. The fall of Socialism in the 1990s and the Great Recession during the end of the 21st century further induced my passion to be involved in the business field. It made me realize the effects and the importance of marketing equilibrium internationally.

Choosing to study as a STEM EE Scholar at THE Ohio State University is truly a good starting point for me to get the right knowledge and training in related fields. It will not only help me to find answers to my questions, but also allow me to make contributions to the global economy and the well-being of the people in the world.

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