Hey! Welcome to ***!

I think this is my personal blog (Is there anyone says the word of “blog”?). I set up it for my course of ESL 1901 that I could put my assignment on it, such as my personal profile, group project, photo reflection and plagiarism project.

照片 165ABOUT ME is the part you can deeply know me, which I wrote my own story in it.

GROUP PROJECT is the place where shows our teamwork of the title of “Dorm Life”.

PHOTO REFLECTION is a future career test that show my tendency of future jobs.

PLAGIARISM PROJECT is a “role play” work that I act as a student who cheated on his or her assignment first, and then act as a instructor to find the parts of plagiarism. All of this are trying to enable us to deeply understand the meaning of plagiarism and also its importance.

So, welcome to my world.