Personal Profile

This is my Saxphone!!!

I come from an old Oriental country –China. My Chinese name is Ziyue Li, and you can also call me Dylan. In my daily life, I am most interested in music and sports. Music, just like opening Pandora’s magic box, music interlaced with magical, elegant, quiet and moving notes. My two favorite pieces of music are《Czardas》and《Por Una Cabeza》, I also play a lot on the saxophone. Extreme sports, it is said that people can only give full play to their potential when they are in the limit state. The surging adrenaline and psychological activities under high pressure always make me feel my true self. I often go free climbing, constantly surpass myself on the cliff, break the shackles, which makes me constantly improve.

Here’s a picture taken in Aberystwyth

In the past 18 years, I have traveled at many places, which have made me realize how big the world is and how amazing it is. Most impressive I was Britain. What fascinates me most is a small town named Aberystwyth, especially its strong cultural heritage and the most beautiful scenery. First the town was built along a 13th-century fortress. It stretches from tens of kilometers along the coastline. Second in the evening, the tide gradually receded, the middle of the sea sand will gradually show, when the breeze blowing over the fine sand, hazy like yarn. Such beautiful scenery is really unforgettable.

I chose to study at Ohio State University because business schools have a strong academic culture and top business majors. Another thing is that I visited Ohio State University when I was traveling at the United States. The campus environment and academic atmosphere is attractive to me. I plan to study marketing and company risk control. Since my father is an MBA professor, he has guided me and exposed me to business information on an early age, which gradually aroused my strong interest in business majors. So I chose to study in Ohio State University  and was very happy to join the buckeye family.