Technological Tools

Whether people learn online or not, choosing useful technological tools while studying would promote efficiency. There are several online tools that could be used to plan schedules, take notes, read electric copies, storage documents and meet online with your group members.

Online Schedule Planner

  • Trello
  • MyStudyLife
  • Todoist

Online Note-Taking

  • OneNote
  • Evernote
  • Google Keep
  • MindMup

Reading Electric Copies

  • Adobe Reader
  • Foxit Reader
  • Notability

Cloud Storage

  • Buckeye Box
  • Google Docs
  • Word-one drive

Online Meeting

  • Skype
  • Zoom

Reflection on Learning Strategy

Strategies on Online Reading

       After the four weeks of learning in the online course, I have met several difficulties especially on online reading. As I used to read paper materials and books in high school, this is actually the first time for me to read textbook online. At the beginning of the reading, I was not very comfortable with reading the digital copy on screen. In addition, it is really hard for me to concentrate on serried sentences appear on the iPad screen with some distractions. Finally, all of these problems cause me do not even know what those sentences talk about after I read them.

Due to the reason that I used to read paper materials, I was already familiar with the texture of those books. However, the electric screen does not have that texture which makes the reading process more difficult. As I do those readings on my iPad, notifications form Wechat or other applications always pop up while I read the task which cause me could not focus on the text. Additionally, scrolling down each page on the screen often makes me lost my mind on the content that I just read. The combination of all these little problems make me have a hard time while reading digital copy.

Task from this week teaches us how to read efficiently online and gives us strategies both on reading and note-taking. In order to eliminate the distractions, I need to turn off the notifications of those softwares while I start to read. A preview of the content could give me a clear structure of what those tasks talk about which also increase the possibility of retention. Then making some questions related to the content after the preview and finding answers during reading can maintain my focus on the materials. Finally, reviewing notes after reading would give me a better understanding and retention of the content.

What I learn from Key Online Success

During this seven-week course, I get a better understanding of the process of online course and learn several useful strategies that can be applied to the future while I study. As I used to take note on word document due to the reason that I do not know any note-taking softwares. After this course, I get to know other softwares and I plan to use OneNote in next semester to organize my notes. In addition, I found out that I do not have a efficient reading process after I realize the right way to read. In order to effectively read tasks, I need to preview the content, create questions about the task, answer the questions while read, and review the notes right after reading. Finally, I learn the Five W which could help me to evaluate the sources I found on the internet. And those ten tips on internet searching would effectively reduce the time costs on searching sources.