Interior Design Research

What is Interior Design?

Below, I’ve located several resources that aide in learning more about Interior Design.

This youtube video offers a clear and credible introduction to what Interior Design actually embodies. It provides key ideas of their process and goals. Youtube is a great resource because it provides both a visual as well as audio. One weakness that may arise when using the source is the credibility of the videos. Since anyone and everyone can create an account and post videos, it it important to check that they are credible.

ASID-Red 990

The American Society of Interior Designers website provides easy navigation and several central tabs on their homepage that allow for almost endless learning possibilities about design and the organization itself. This website is a great source for credibility since it is an organization made up of Interior Designers as well as others. One weakness it may have is that it is a busy site with lots of information and links, so it may take time to search for exactly what you’re looking for.

The article “Mario Buatta on L.A. decorating and 50 years of interior design” written by David A. Keeps of the LA Times gives us some background about someone who has been in the business for a long while now. I think that this news source has been reputable over time and also adds credibility from having direct quotes from the professional in the Interior Design field. The only weakness I find with this resource, again, is that there is a lot of information and pages involved in the site and it may take time to find what you’re looking for.


This scholarly text written by John F. and Arnold Friedman can be purchased or rented from Barnes and Noble bookstore and many other retailers. This textbook is a great source because it is a text written for education purposes so we can ensure that it is credible. I do not necessarily think that textbooks have any weaknesses as a source besides the edition that is being read. Obviously an older edition will not have as recent and updated information.


The Interior Design Educator’s Council offers the academic journal of Interior Design. This source is credible and offers up to date information regarding all that is Interior Design. I do not feel that there are any weaknesses to this resource