SW3401H – A Semester in Review

When reviewing my semester in SW3401H, I am thankful for the new information I have obtained for implementing research methods.  I have developed a strong knowledge base for how to obtain research through using online data bases with peer-reviewed works.  This does not only help me as a student because it is an important skill to master when entering the professional field of Social Work.  I am confident I have developed the skills to critically read research and decipher if the data being presented is credible.  I also feel that becoming more familiar with peer-reviewed papers has helped to improve my own writing skills.  While, I will admit, the course content could be a bit dry at times, but I feel this course has made me become a stronger student.


Salient Topics in SW 3401H

In the course Social Work 3401H, I am learning the basic methods needed to perform my own research. One of the most helpful topics in this course has been reviewing statistical definitions and functions. This semester, I am also taking a statistics course, so the statistics topics in SW 3401H have helped me with reviewing topics in my statistics course. I know truly grasping and mastering these statistical skills will be important for my future in research. Another salient topic [in SW 3401H] has been discussing theories to understand a social work problem. This is another skill that will be important to master when working as a social worker, but also when relating my research methods and observational data to my area of interest.

Research Progress

My research for current assignments in SW3401H is going well. Research is very time consuming, but I am able to find journal articles relating to my area of interest. My research has taught me there is not a lot of research available in understanding how to prevent sexual assaults from happening. I am hoping I can contribute to this knowledge and do research to reformat how our society approaches sexual assault prevention.

Year in Review

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About Me

My name is Mychael Lewie. I am an undergraduate at The Ohio State University working to complete my bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Upon completion of my undergraduate program, I am hoping to attend graduate school to obtain my master’s degree in Social Work. Presently, I am also considering completing a PhD in Social Work. My interests lie in mental health, clinical counseling, trauma, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. Explaining and defining sexual consent [properly] is important to me, and I hope to impact my community through continuing education to help prevent sexual assault. I also want to provide counseling for individuals recovering from trauma. Overall, sexual assault prevention in the community is a top priority, my goal is to complete research that can contribute to the development of sexual assault prevention programs. I am hoping my Social Work 3401H class can help me with my goal through teaching me the basics of research methods.