GMO Labeling perspective

by Brenna Scheiderer, Sustainable Plant Systems – Horticulture major

I think a really popular topic in the in the public eye right now is the debate for genetically modified organisms vs. against genetically modified organisms. What I find personally interesting about this the argument is not whether they’re unsafe but rather should there be more labeling or label laws for this type of situation.

On both sides of the debate the members just want there to be a fair opinion about the product. The side supporting the labeling GMO’s they want to allow people to know what exactly they are consuming. If the product is labeled correctly in an unbiased fashion it should properly display what the product contains.

For the side against labeling there is a lot of different arguments but the big one is that labeling could cause false marketing and people may not want to buy that product any more. This is totally understandable we’ve all had a moment in the tore where a product is advertising how healthy, no GMO’s, organic, gluten free it is and for a second it looks better than its cheaper GMO competitor. I see why labeling could be seen as a bad thing do to it being advertised wrong.

In my opinion, I think that genetically modified organisms should be labeled, not because they are dangerous but because I believe people should know what they are eating. To make this fair there should be a law or something like a committee that has a set of rules and guidelines that labels food so they are not biases.

I grew up in a small rural town where everyone farms so GMO’s was something I learned about very young. It wasn’t until I started working in the greenhouse industry that I met people with different opinions about them than me. As I’ve continued my education in a plant based community I’ve learned more and more and have been able to develop my own opinion.


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