Imperfections now desirable

pumpkinNot so long ago, jack-o-lantern pumpkins had to be perfect – the right shape, the right size, the right color and blemish-free  . . . just in time for one day of the year, Halloween.  This isn’t an easy task for the pumpkin grower. Weather and  growing conditions (which depend on the weather) play a role in the growth and development of the pumpkins, and generally that’s all pretty hard to control.

Now, there’s a market for “ugly” pumpkins with a warty skin.  The pumpkin varieties were bred and selected for their warty appearance.  Some of the warts even stay green for several weeks after harvest, adding to the unusual appearance.

Pumpkins growers still aim to produce good quality, healthy pumpkins, but it’s good to know that imperfections and discoloration can be desirable, too.

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