Food Issues and the Family Guy? The Media Can Play A Role

From the Family Guy, as seen on FOX TV

Broccoli Must Die – From the Family Guy, as seen on FOX TV

by Michael Smart, Professional Golf Management major

I recently watched an episode of Family Guy on Netflix and saw a portion where a young boy (Stewie) did not want to eat the broccoli given to him by his mother. His plan quickly became destroying the broccoli.

The young boy found an article in a magazine that showed how extreme cold could kill the broccoli. Being in a plant pathology course, this quickly caught my eye.

It is not common to see plant problems/diseases in cartoons. However, I believe it would be beneficial if cartoon makers would implement them more.

I believe that much of the adult public is scared of various food modifications (Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs) because of all the bad articles they read on the internet. This, in turn might translates to the children being afraid at a young age because of what they may have learned from their parents.

If the media did more to educate the public, whether it is through cartoons, news, or the internet, I believe that much of the public would be less afraid of the idea of GMOs.

I know that being in a plant pathology class and seeing how GMOs really work have made me more accepting of them.

Many people may not understand that GMOs are not associated with a myriad of chemicals. I know members of my family have told me that they are afraid because they believe that GM (Genetically Modified) foods have a lot of chemicals within them and are dangerous to their health.

The media is very powerful and with its help, the world of GM foods could go from feared to followed.

This blog post was an assignment for Societal Issues: Pesticides, Alternatives and the Environment (PLNTPTH 4597). The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the class, Department of Plant Pathology or the instructor.

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