Just in time for spring mushroom season

A new update of the Ohioline fact sheet, Wild Mushrooms, is now available.  The fact sheet includes several color photos of common mushrooms found in Ohio, basic information about mushroom biology, and answers to common questions about mushrooms in the wild.

The publication also dispels common wives’ tales about edible and poisonous mushrooms.  Now . . . for the record, eating mushrooms found in the wild is not recommended and comes with an “eat at your own risk” tag.

Nonetheless, mushrooms can be enjoyed for their unusual and natural beauty, fascinating biology and importance in our natural ecosystems.

More info

Wild Mushrooms (SE Williams, B Bunyard and W Sturgeon)
Download > OSU Extension Fact Sheet (pdf)

Mushrooms and Macrofungi of Ohio and the Midwstern States: A Resource Guide
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