Plant Viruses Make Headlines

Three headlines about plant viruses caught my eye this past month, although there certainly are more stories out there.  There are no chemical sprays or “cures” for plant virus diseases (prevention is key).  Bottom line, plant viruses can cause loss in crop quality and yield.

1. Virus Slams 2013 California Tomato Yields
Beet curly top virus is the culprit here, but it has cohort. The beet leafhopper insect vectors, or carries, the virus.  Growers try to manage the beet leafhopper; tomato yield losses were reported to be 1 million tons last year. > Read more

2. Study shows PVY costs Idaho $34 million
Potato virus Y caused losses that amounted to $34 million for Idaho potato growers, including “$6.5 million in lost wages from 184 Idaho jobs that would otherwise be filled if not for PVY.” > Read more

3. Virus Concerns Grape Growers
Washington’s growing wine grape industry may be curtailed by red blotch disease > Read more


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