Santa Claus and Flying Reindeer – A Magical Mushroom Connection?

fly agaric mushroomSome (many) fungi produce potent toxins and hallucinogens.  It’s really serious, ranging from aflatoxins (potent carcinogens) and ergotamine (a tie to the Salem witches?) to potential mycotoxins produced by pathogens of corn, wheat and other staple food crops (More info).

Some think the story of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer may have ties to the shamans of Siberia and Arctic, long ago.  Amanita mushrooms, the well-known red and white magical (hallucinogenic) mushrooms of the forest, were known to be consumed by the tribes people of the region and delivered by the shamans as gifts around Christmas (note: these mushrooms are toxic, do not consume these or any fungi you find outdoors).

Hmmm. Shamans delivering gifts of red and white magical mushrooms at Christmas?  Flying reindeer – were they just high on mushrooms?

Well, there’s more to this intriguing story.  Read all about it in this article, “Magic Mushrooms May Explain Santa & His ‘Flying’ Reindeer” > LiveScience

This article has a nice collection of mushroom-themed Christmas items
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