Turkey Tail, the Fungus

Turkey tail fungusTrametes versicolor.  It’s better known by its common name, turkey tail.  Looking at the colors and pattern of the fruiting bodies, it’s easy to see the resemblance, making it the perfect way to say “Happy Thanksgiving” from Plant Pathology.

Turkey tails are found in Ohio, and throughout North America, on logs and wood (they are important decomposers > More info).  This fungus is also a bit famous for its anti-cancer properties. An internet search for “turkey tail funugs” will return several articles in this regard.

These mushrooms can even be made into jewelry > Yes look here

Intrigued? The Department of Plant Pathology offers several courses that cover fungi.  In Spring 2014, Molds, Mushrooms and Mankind (PLNTPTH 2000) is a general education course for non-science majors (natural science – biological science w/o lab) > Read more


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  1. Trames versicolor is a fungus in the category Basidiomycotina (basidiomycetes) and is commonly known as “turkey tail”. And is found throughout North America, Asia and Europe. The fungus grows on tree trunks, stumps and fallen trees. The fungus may be light brown or dark gray. The polysaccharides of the fungal body have a weak sweet taste and are used as a tea in traditional Asian and European medicine. We are also working on this valuable mushroom on our site.

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