Blog 5: Clinical Review

This semester I started clinicals and working at The Wexner Medical Center as a float pool SNA. At first, both positions were creating a lot of anxiety and stress before my day would start. I’d be very nervous about what my assignment would be and going in to talk to my patients.


At clinical, I remember being very shy to talk to the patient and touch them. It felt weird and uncomfortable. During my first head-to-toe, I barely palpated the abdomen and looking bad I realize there was no way for the patient or I to know if they were truly experiencing abdominal pain because I wasn’t applying pressure. As the weeks went on, I slowly gained more and more confidence. I wasn’t afraid to introduce myself or interrupt the patient to get a set of vital signs, explain the medications I was administering to them, or provide patient education without being asked so that the patient was more informed of their care plan and why she needed to wear her moon boots.


This confidence has transitioned into my SNA position at the hospital, and I’m extremely grateful. I know how to better position myself to aid the nurse as we reposition a patient, get them up to a chair, help them to the restroom, and think ahead of what steps I can do to make the nurse’s job easier. My confidence has improved, and it shows because the patients trust you more, and they are compliant with the task you need to complete.


Moving forward, I hope my confidence continues to increase and opens the door to more vulnerable conversations with the patient. Allowing them to feel comfortable to open up to me about how they are feeling and how I can help them as best as I can. Not shying away from the more challenging conversations that may include a patient crying or sharing their fear about their condition or anxieties about leaving the hospital. I was to learn how to provide holistic care that not only improves their specific complaint, but all the repercussions as well.