Blog 4: Medical Show Evaluation

Watching Grey’s Anatomy when it’s for a class assignment makes it that much better because I don’t feel like I’m wasting precious study time. I decided to watch a throw-back episode. The very first episode!


I feel like Meredith Grey and her fellow interns are a perfect representation of how awkward it felt being on the unit the first day and being responsible for patients and interacting with them. There is so much hesitation and internal nerves showing through. It is very evident by the concerned look on the patients face. George is not using therapeutic communication when he responds to the patients wish for death by saying “ I wish I could, but I’m a healer.” The statement alone is very humorous, but it’s not the appropriate respond to a patient that is mad they will never be able to eat bacon again. It’s funny outside the hospital walls but is not the best response to say to a patient.


Meredith Grey makes the correct decision to go get the patient’s doctor when she doesn’t know how to respond to the family about what’s going on with her and if she will be okay. It is still every awkward and takes no actions to calm the parents. Later when Meredith is talking to the patient she is very rude to her and tells her to stop wasting her time complaining about the lack of TV channels.


It is very interesting to see the differences between how we are taught to communicate and what it looks like in the hospital versus was is portrayed on television. I know that a lot of what is shown on TV is to make it more enjoyable to engage those that watch the show, but I would guess that it negatively effects how individuals view the hospital, hospital staff, and how people are treated inside the hospital. It would be interesting to see a study about the correlation between watching medical shows and interactions with hospital personnel and people who have never watched medical shows and their expectations and interactions. I think it would be interesting to see the results. As we talked about earlier this semester, first impressions are important in how we move forward in our relationship with that person, so I believe television shows would have a significant impact. I’m also very thankful we take this class to learn the most effective and mutually beneficial ways to communicate with our patients and their families.