Columbus To-Do List #2

Over the past few weeks I visited a few more restaurants around Ohio State. The first was Biscuit and Branch in the Short North area, and the second was Figlio in Grandview. Although these were both great, my favorite experience from this semester is going to Condado Tacos with my friend Joe. The experience reminded me of home and the food was amazing. By exploring all of these different restaurants I have learned that the city of Columbus has so much more to offer than just what is right around campus. This experience has made me want to look into more things to do off-campus because I know that with just a little effort I can enhance my college experience immensely. The advice that I’d give to anyone trying to explore the numerous restaurants in Columbus is to do a little research before picking your destination. Just a few minutes of searching can result in finding a place that you’ve never heard or seen of, and it might just become your favorite place to eat.

Above is a picture of my delicious meal from Biscuit and Branch in the Short North Area. My dad was visiting for the weekend and decided to take me and my sister out to brunch on that Sunday morning. The best part of the experience was catching up with my dad, but not having to eat breakfast from Scott Traditions was a close second. I don’t know if I will return to Biscuit and Branch soon due to a small menu, but I would recommend it to a friend. It wasn’t too far from campus, and the food was great. I’m glad I tried this place out.

The next restaurant I tried was Figlio in Grandview. This past weekend my entire family was visiting for the football game, and they took me and a few of my friends out for pizza. My favorite things about this experience were being able to spend time with my whole family and enjoying the terrific food! I would definitely recommend Figlio to a friend and would probably end up joining that friend for dinner. Although the restaurant is a little bit further away from campus, it is located in a nice area and the free bread and olive oil definitely make up for the drive. Figlio has a great menu in my opinion and is the perfect place to dine with friends and/or family.

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