Columbus To-Do List #1

For this semester, I have decided to choose to explore local food favorites and food trucks. I am most looking forward to trying different types of food, and different restaurants throughout Columbus. From this assignment I am hoping to discover more restaurants throughout the city that I wouldn’t have discovered without looking into it. I tend to have a few favorite places to eat and then I keep going back to my few favorite venues. Hopefully this assignment will push me out of my comfort zone a little bit and help me try new things. One experience I have had so far is going to Condado with my friend from high school who is visiting me.

Going Condado Tacos was a terrific experience. I had a great time catching up with my best friend from high school who now goes to school 11 hours away. It was great food and the queso was definitely the best part. I learned that the Condado restaurants are owned by the same people that own a restaurant named Barrio in Cleveland. My server told me this when he saw I was from Cleveland because of the hat I was wearing. I am a big fan of Barrio, so it makes sense that I like Condado so much! I would definitely recommend Condado to anyone who likes a good taco, and will definitely be back soon.

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