New Course!

Earth Sci 5602.02 Carbonate Depositional Systems II, Spring Break 2020, **Field Course**

Description: A field study of ancient and modern carbonates in The Bahamas. A 7-day field trip stationed out of the Gerace Research Center on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas. Students will gain insight into the formation of carbonate rocks by observing their formation in a modern setting (e.g. coral reefs, lagoons, beaches, and dune field) and how these setting are preserved in the fossil record.

Courses Taught at OSU Newark

ES 1100 Planet Earth: How it Works

Description: This lab based course teaches the fundamentals of earth system science and physical geology. Usually taught in the Autumn semester

ES 1105 Geology of the National Parks

Description: This course teaches the fundamentals of geology through the lens of the U.S. National Parks. This course is taught on a “flipped” model, providing lots of classroom time for hands on learning activities and mini labs. Usually taught in the Autumn semester.

ES 1110 History of Life on Earth

Description: This class follows the evolution of life on Earth through the earliest evidence of life to the Anthropocene, touching on the Cambrian explosion, predator-prey interactions during the Paleozoic, the rise and fall of dinosaurs, extinctions, mammalian evolution, human evolution, and the sixth mass extinction. Usually taught in the Spring semester.

ES 1121 Dynamic Earth

Description: A lab-based course teaching the fundamentals of physical geology. Includes local field trips and an optional weekend field trip. Usually taught in the Autumn semester.

ES 1122 Earth Through Time

Description: This course covers the history of Earth, from the formation of the Universe through the Anthropocene focusing on how climate and cataclysm has shaped out Earth. Interesting stops along the way include Snowball Earth, the early evolution of life, formation of the Appalachians and the geology of Ohio, extinction related to cataclysm, volcanism, and climate change, the rise of fall of the dinosaurs and global greenhouse temperatures, changing climate during the Cenozoic and the expansion of mammals, the evolution of humans, and the Anthropocene. This course may also be taken as an honors course. There are field trips, including one optional weekend field trip. Usually offered Spring semester.