Kathryn Lenz, PhD. Associate Professor of Psychology.

Contact: Email: Address: Psychology Building Rm 45, 1835 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43210 USA. Ph: 614-292-8565  Twitter: @neurokaty

Bio: Katy received her BA in Psychology from Kalamazoo College in Michigan in 2003. She received her PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience in 2009 from Indiana University Bloomington, and completed her postdoctoral training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine from 2009-2013. She has been a faculty member at OSU since 2013, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2020. Dr. Lenz is a member of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research (IBMR), an affiliated faculty member with the Chronic Brain Inititiative (CBI) and was recently appointed as co-director of the Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP).





Graduate students:


Michaela Breach, BS.

Contact: Email:; Twitter: @MichaelaBreach; Linkedin:; Researchgate:

Bio: Michaela received her undergraduate degree in psychology and neuroscience from Indiana University Bloomington before joining the NGP at OSU and choosing the Lenz lab for her PhD research. She is broadly interested in immune regulation of neurodevelopment, behavior, and sex differences. Michaela’s primary project in the lab looks at how prenatal allergic inflammation alters brain and behavior throughout development. She is also involved in a project investigating neuroimmune contributions to juvenile traumatic brain injury. Michaela is the recipient of an NSF GRFP award to support her PhD research.




Courtney Dye, MS. 

Contact: Email:

Bio: Courtney is an NGP student co-mentored by Dr. Lenz and Dr. Benedetta Leuner. Courtney is working on projects related to neuroimmune function in the maternal brain during pregnancy and a gestational stress model of postpartum depression.






Undergraduate students:

Habib Akouri

Adam Flood

Dominic Franceschelli

Hannah Lichtenstein

Brooke Schatz

Meredith Stewart