Welcome to the Lenz Lab

The Lenz lab at The Ohio State University is dedicated to fundamental neuroscience research focused on understanding how the brain develops and changes during flexible periods of life: before birth, during childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy.  We interrogate the multifaceted interactions between hormones, sex, immune signals, and the brain with experiences, such as stress, inflammation, or injury. Our lab focuses primarily on immune cells that reside in the brain which interact with neurons to shape brain function.

See our Research Projects page to read more about our currently funded and in progress work.

Fostering a collaborative and supportive research training environment is a priority of the Lenz lab. Check out our amazing research team here: People

Are you interested in joining us? We have open slots for new postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and research staff members. Contact Dr. Lenz (lenz.56@osu.edu) with a CV and current interests and goals to set up a conversation!