Week 2 Assignments


For this image I took an image I previously made, the space background, and added it into the image of the Lava Field. In order to make the background seem more like it belonged I took out the patch of grass in the lava field image and added a puddle of water. Inside the puddle I made a reflection of the sky to bring everything together.

Here are 3 different versions of this image with different alterations added in:

This image was desaturated. The effect it had makes the image look almost like the northern lights.

For this image I shifted it to grey scale and made adjustments so that the nebulas in the sky would really pop. I think they have an interesting shape when the color is taken out.

For this last image I posterized the sky and its reflection on the water.



For this image the first step I took was to remove the tattoos on her arm and around her neck. This was done in another layer, as was learned in the Destructive vs. Non-Destructive edits tutorial. The tools used were the content-aware move tool, patch tool, and spot healing brush. There were some complications using the spot healing brush. I believe these were mostly due to my inexperience in photoshop. I tried to use the spot heal brush as a fix all when it came to patches of skin that looked disconnected in color or shade. This caused a few areas with strange shading that are noticeable on the shoulder and arm. I know now that there are better tools to use to prevent these problems from arising.

The next step I took was removing the freckles on the face. I found that the spot healing tool was excellent at removing these blemishes. I made sure to use a very small brush and began removing all the freckles one by one. I believe I did a much better job at removing the freckles than I did the tattoos.

The last step was replacing the background of the image to an inside space. To do this I first removed the background in the original image. This was done by using a combination of the magic wand tool, and the eraser tool. The magic wand helped to remove some of the background but I found it wasn’t very good at removing the background very close to the subject. This is where the eraser tool came in handy. Using a small soft brush I was able to remove the final bits of background. Then all I had to do was find a good image of an indoor background. I chose one with no foreground because of how close up the image of the subject is.

Overall I think the final image came out very well. The only problems I have with it are the aforementioned problems on the neck and arms from removing the tattoos and the apparent disconnect between the subject and the background. I’m excited to learn new techniques so that in the future I will not make the same mistakes.