A memorable experience that I had first semester was the Ohio State vs. Cincinnati football game. This was memorable becuase my parents came up to visit me and go to the game. I got to take my parents around campus and show them what game day was like here. This was the first time my parents had came to visit me since I moved in. I got to spend the day with both my parents and a bunch of my friends. I also got to introduce my parents to all of my friends here at college. This was a great experience because I got to hang out with my family and friends on game day. An artifact that represents this game is a buckeye necklace that I bought that day and wore to the game. The necklace is made out of beads and Buckeyes, our mascot. On game days there are many people around campus selling and wearing these necklaces. This is important to me because it represents our school spirit. 


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