About Me


I am currently a student enrolled in the Stem EE Scholars program at The Ohio State University. I have lived in central Ohio my entire life and have been a life long buckeye fan, so becoming an OSU student was a very simple decision. I am currently majoring in Astrophysics & Astronomy and plan to pursue that major for the entirety of my college life and hopefully land a job working at NASA in the distant future or working in Hawaii, both sound like a nice time. In my short time here at OSU, I joined two clubs because I wanted to have something to do outside of class but not so much that I end up getting no homework or studying done. Those two clubs are the Astro Society and Casual Sports Club. Both clubs involve things I really enjoy participating in: astronomy and many different sports. I plan to attempt to better my leadership skills while participating in the Stem Scholars program. The only previous leadership skills I have been able to work on have been through my job at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium in the Guest Relations department as a Team Lead. As a Team Lead I made sure all of our staff showed up for the day and were doing their jobs correctly and in the right spots. On top of this, I was the first person to talk to any guests that had any issues with their day throughout the zoo, had any lost and found items, and just any general recommendations to make what we do better for all. Being a team lead has taught me to keep a level head, connect with employees, and to be able to think quickly; however, I would really like to improve the skills that I feel I lack as a leader: personability and general social skills.