Student Orginization

In my short time here at The Ohio State University I have had the pleasure of going to a few different club meetings. The clubs that I chose to join on involvement day were the Astro Society, Casual Sports Club, and Buckeye Gaming Collective. I joined the Astronomical Society mainly because as an astrophysics major I figured it would be the best club suited towards my specific major needs. I joined the Casual Sports Club because I love all kinds of sports and considering that casual sports club meets just about once a week to play a random sport and just have fun I thought that this club would also be a lot of fun. Lastly, I joined Buckeye Gaming Collective because I love to play video games and genuinely thought I could try and get on one of the teams, mainly the Rocket League team; unfortunately, my competitive ranking was just one below what they were looking for in order to try out, so that will have to wait until next year.

So far, my favorite club is the one pictured above: Casual Sports Club. During the second week of school or so the club had its first meeting on the South Oval to play glow in the dark capture the flag. I had convinced my friends to also join Casual Sports Club, but none of them were able to go to this first “meeting”, so I chose to go alone. In doing so, I met a lot of people there and had a blast, even though I did not contribute much to the actual game, it was so much fun to just run around on a beautiful night and enjoy myself. The randomly assigned team that I was on just so happened to win the first two games of capture the flag we played, but the third game ended up turning into a game of rock, paper, scissors for who had to go to jail. Somehow, someone on the other team went 7-0 in the rock, paper, scissors match, leading to our inevitable defeat. Before we all disbanded for the night, both teams met in the middle and got into a very interesting conversation about whether or not a hot dog was a sandwich or not. The best definition brought forth was that a hot dog acts like a sub based on bun shape, and because a sub is a sandwich, a hot dog must also be a sandwich. Based completely on first impressions, I knew this was going to be my favorite club I had joined, I have played sports for my entire life and have always loved gym class. I am also extremely competitive and somehow make a competition out of everything, which I have had to learn to tone down while in this club because casual is kind of part of the entire club.


The second club meeting that I went to was for a game of volley-tennis. Volley-tennis is where you play volleyball on a tennis court but can let the ball bounce a total of three times before losing the volley. This means that you can set your teammates up by bouncing the ball in front of the net and having them spike it straight down to keep your opponents from returning the ball; however, the ball cannot bounce more than two times before another person on your team must hit it. The court I was on had a game of four versus four. My team won the first game by a large margin which then forced us to change up the teams. Volleyball is a difficult sport if you have never played it before, but if you have had even a small amount of experience with, it is quite easy to get better at. As someone who has played volleyball plenty before, I had a lot of fun playing this twisted version on the tennis court, even though it was cut short by the massive thunderstorm that rolled in after about thirty minutes of playtime that also soaked me on my walk back to my dorm.


Joining student organizations is so incredibly important for college life because they help me to get involved with other people as well as learn new skills. The best part about student organizations here at Ohio State is that there are so many that even with the mass amount of students that show up on the ovals for the involvement fair every year I still found three great clubs to be a part of. I cannot wait for my next experience with Casual Sports Club.


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