Artifact 2

Throughout my high school career, I was a part of a Jewish Youth Group known as BBYO. The group is divided into different regions across the world based on location, and each region has chapters for Jewish teens to join. I was in the chapter David Berger AZA #1823 in the Ohio Northern Region. During my time in BBYO, we volunteered with many different organizations (The Chesed Center in Cleveland, The Cleveland Food Bank, etc.). Through these experiences, we were able to help the community around us and give back. Further, we hosted events often to get together as a chapter (either to have a good time or for educational/volunteering purposes). I was on the executive board of my chapter for 4 years and served as many different positions (included Communications, Treasurer, VP of Recruitment, VP of Programming, and President). The time I spent on board as these positions helped me learn how to lead, communicate, delegate, decision-make, and more. I am extremely grateful for the experiences BBYO was able to provide me in high school, and I am looking forward to using these skills I have acquired in the future.


IC Next is a 2 year seminar program centered in Cleveland, Ohio that focuses on learning about Israeli culture and issues. We would meet every month to learn about Israeli history, the Middle Eastern conflict, and Israeli culture. Halfway through the program, we took a two week trip to Israel to truly be immersed in the culture there. We listened to speakers and had educational seminars while there to learn about the land we were visiting. It was a very interesting and beneficial trip that helped me learn about Israel and conflicts going on in their society. This is of high interest to me because I am Jewish and am very interested in Israel/the Middle East, and this trip allowed me to learn and experience Israel in a new way.