Experiential Learning in Online Education

Ana-Paula Correia

This design case focuses on an online learning experience for graduate students in a newly created online master of learning technologies. It showcases how learner-centered design and innovative and entrepreneurial thinking may be incorporated into graduate education.

Screenshot of “Transforming your CV into a Resume: A Guide for Graduate Students” (with student’s permission).

This design case includes the inspiration behind the course design (“Applied Learning Design”) and the problems addressed with the design case, a design philosophy, and a detailed description of the case including context, participants’ profiles, and key design decisions. An analysis of the initial ideas, design team projects grounded on real-world educational problems, course content and evaluation, the impact of design decisions, and difficulties encountered during the design case’s enactment completes the examination of the design effort and outcomes.

This study is published in the premier handbook of research in Educational Technology:

  • Correia, A.-P. (2020). Finding Junctures in Learning Design and Entrepreneurship: A Case of Experiential Learning in Online Education. In M. J. Bishop, E. Boling, J. Elen & V. Svihla (Eds.), Handbook of Research in Educational Communications and Technology (5th edition) (pp. 689–712. Springer. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-36119-8_32