Fan Xu and Deborah Hewlett presented study at #AERA2022 Computers and Internet Applications in Education SIG

Fan Xu, Deborah Hewlett, and Dr. Ana-Paula Correia presented at the American Educational Research Association 2022 Annual Meeting on their study titled A Socialized Knowledge Community on Computational Thinking – Teachers-Pay-Teachers.

Fan Xu led the virtual presentation on Teachers-Pay-Teachers and Computational Thinking as part of the Computers and Internet Applications in Education SIG program.

Abstract: To understand teachers’ attitudes toward the current Computational Thinking-related resources in socialized knowledge communities and further explore their need for Computational Thinking (CT) education, this study collected a large amount of data from the Teachers-Pay-Teachers (TPT) portal and used text mining techniques for comprehensive analysis. This work reveals that most CT resources on TPT focused on math education in primary school. Teachers hold a relatively positive attitude towards these resources, even though some online resources might be too difficult to use. The resource itself, the subject, and students at a specific grade level are the three main concerns when teachers seek supportive resources online.

A Socialized Knowledge Community on Computational Thinking: Teachers-Pay-Teachers presentation slides.

Chenxi Liu participated on-site at #AERA2022

Chenxi Liu and Dr. Ana-Paula Correia presented a study at the American Educational Research Association 2022 Annual Meeting on External Variables That Impact Mobile Learning (M-Learning) Acceptance: A Meta-Analysis. 

Chenxi led a roundtable session on a meta-analysis on the impact of mobile learning acceptance as part of the Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis SIG program.

Abstract: Mobile learning (m-learning) can positively impact learning. However, the low retention rate is a common problem many m-learning applications face. Although previous studies have investigated factors impacting learners’ acceptance of m-learning, no meta-analysis has been conducted on this topic. Based on 47 empirical studies, this meta-analysis identified five major external variables impacting learners’ acceptance of m-learning. These variables are self-efficacy, subjective norm, mobility, enjoyment, and satisfaction. All variables are moderately or strongly correlated with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) constructs, and the relationship between subjective norm and perceived usefulness is moderated by learning context.

External Variables That Impact Mobile Learning (M-Learning) Acceptance: A Meta-Analysis i-Poster.

Chenxi also joined Dr. Minjung Kim and Junyeong Yang to present their study titled Examining the Dynamics of Students’ Affect and Learning Goal Achievement Using Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling as part of Division C – Section 2a: Cognitive and Motivational Processes program.

This study examined the complex relationship of the dynamics of student’s positive affect (PA) and negative affect (NA) with their learning goal achievement (LGA) using the dynamic structural equation modeling (DSEM). Based on the 32 days of intensive longitudinal data of student’s affect and LGA from the HBAPA data, we found that students had equilibrium of affect and LGA over time with no systematic changes, while the observations were significantly fluctuated. There was a significant relationship between the affect and LGA with no cross-lagged relationship between PA and NA. Three covariates (i.e., age, number of semesters studied, depression) were significantly related with the dynamics of affect and LGA.

Chenxi Liu enjoyed her first in-person AERA experience with Dr. Minjung Kim and Junyeong Yang.

Ana-Paula Correia as invited speaker at Brazilian leading educational research conference

Dr. Correia was the invited speaker for the Special Interest Group in Education & Communication at the 39th Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Educação (ANPEd) annual meeting in Niterói, Brazil on October 23, 2019. More than 4,000 educators, teachers, educational researchers, post-graduate students, and practitioners who are impacting education in Brazil attended this meeting.

Opening Ceremony @AnpedEducacao on October 21, 2019.

Dr. Correia gave a presentation on her research on online learning and teaching. In particular, she explored research and post-graduate education in online formats in the context of the United States. She delivered this invited talk in her first language, Portuguese.

Screenshot of Dr. Correia’s @AnpedEducacao presentation.

Dr. Correia was hosted by Professor Edméa Santos from the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Chair for the Special Interest Group in Education & Communication. She networked and discussed issues in online learning in higher education that permeate cultures and countries.

Selfie with Professors Edméa Santos and Cristina D’Ávila.

Ohio State’s Innovate, here we go again…

Last year LED research group led a 45-min session on “Shifting the Balance: Engaging Students as Collaborators in Online Course Redesign” at 2018 Innovate that attracted more than 100 participants who engaged in collaborative design activities.

During this January writing retreat, LED research group members worked diligently on creating different session ideas for InnovateX, the Ohio State’s annual conference in online learning and teaching. The Request for Proposals is now open and asks for new ways to excite students about learning, explore teaching opportunities outside the classroom and delve into the student experience.

Hurry, the deadline is January 25, 2019!

LED writing retreat, January 18, 2019.

North presents at Central Ohio ATD and Greater Cincinnati ATD Conferences

LED research group member Cara North recently presented at Central Ohio Association for Talent and Development and Greater Cincinnati Association for Talent and Development annual conferences. The Association for Talent and Development is the oldest and largest professional organization for learning and development professionals across the world.

The Central Ohio ATD Conference, Learning Technologies and Design Day, was September 18, 2018, and held at the Quest Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio. North served on the conference committee and had two presentations and facilitated a panel. North presented with her podcasting partner, Joseph Suarez, eLearning Developer at Cardinal Health. North and Suarez led a session called Podcasting for Learning, which focused on getting started technically with creating a podcast as a learning solution. Additionally, North presented with Sean Hickey, Lead Curriculum Developer at Ohio State’s Center on Education and Training for Employment. North and Hickey’s session, None of the Above: Common Pitfalls for Multiple-Choice Assessment was presented in a gameshow format and was the highest rated session of the day. Finally, North facilitated the closing general session panel: How Do You Keep Up With the Pace of Technology?. The panel included the conference keynote speaker Mike Taylor, Jeff Zoller, Learning and Development Specialist at AEP, and Joseph Suarez.
Hickey and North

The Greater Cincinnati ATD Powers of Possibilities Conference was October 5, 2018, at the Savannah Center in West Chester, Ohio.  North was an invited presenter and lead a table topics discussion Twitter – Building Knowledge 280 Characters at a Time.

North is President-Elect of Central Ohio ATD and is looking forward to providing more leadership and programming opportunities to emerging professionals.

LED research group represented at EdMedia 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

EdMedia + Innovate Learning is a premier international conference in educational multimedia, hypermedia & technology-enhanced learning that spans all disciplines and levels of education attracting researchers and practitioners in the field from 70 plus countries.

‘I Am Pleased to Inform You That…’ Insights and Advice on Getting Published in Educational and Instructional Technology a session designed for the EdMedia’s Emerging Scholar Stream offered by Ana-Paula Correia and her colleague from Indiana University, Curt Bonk.

Slides and resources can be found at: and

Another presentation on the successes of students creating online discussions was also delivered at EdMedia 2018. It offered a novel pedagogical approach for online discussions by presenting reflections on a case where online students were permitted to create and facilitate online discussions.

The session was named No prior experience necessary: Reflecting on the learning experiences offered by student-created online discussions. Resources on the topic were shared with the audience:

Proceedings book article available here:

Correia gives international talk on Entrepreneurship in Ed Tech

The international project sponsored by OSU’s Office of International Affairs Academic Enrichment Grant closed with a public talk on “The Educational Technologist as an Edu-preneur” at University of Minho, Braga, Portugal!

Ana-Paula Correia examined the profile of the edu-preneur and the rise of entrepreneurship in educational technology. She discussed lessons learned from entrepreneurial efforts in higher education and shared the many opportunities that are being pursued as part of the start-up culture and innovation upsurge.

Slide’s reference: Kao, R. W. Y., Kao, K. R., Kao, R. R. (2002). Entrepreneurism: A Philosophy and A Sensible Alternative for the Market Economy. London: Imperial College Press.

LED interactive session at Innovate 2018

The Internet is a powerful democratizing force, allowing people in disempowered positions to discover their voice and power to shape their community. Yet, often within online classrooms, the traditional teacher-student hierarchy is not simply preserved but intensified. Teachers have sole control over course design and content creation, which they present as a finished product for students’ consumption.

Learning & Experience Design research group presented at Innovate 2018. This was a 45 min session on “Shifting the Balance: Engaging Students as Collaborators in Online Course Redesign” that attracted more than 100 participants who engaged in collaborative design activities. 

This session introduced participants to an alternative, presenting a case study where students in an online graduate-level program at a research university participated in redesigning a course they have taken or are going to take. The instructor introduced the case, and then the students shared stories of how they have co-designed, are co-designing, and will co-design the course and the benefits they gained from it. The session concluded with a discussion and Q&A around practical strategies that participants can use to involve their students in redesigning educational content.

Live tweets


Live tweets

North Featured in Training Magazine Network Masters Series

Cara North is a featured speaker in the Training Magazine Network The Masters Series, Friday, April 20, 2018. The speakers were selected and invited by the CEO of Training Magazine Network, Dr. Ray Jimenez based on their expertise in learning and development. Training Magazine Network is the premier gateway of professional development for learning and development professionals with more than 100,000 subscribers and participants annually.

2017 Faculty Showcase at Innovate

Ana-Paula Correia recently spoke at Innovate, OSU’s 2017 Faculty Showcase, attended by over 110 faculty members. This annual fall event will provide an opportunity to be inspired by faculty innovators at Ohio State. Correia spoke about the power of learners’ voice when they take the lead in online discussions.

ODEE Faculty Showcase, Columbus, OH.