Come and Learn from LED at Innovate on 16 May 2019

Ohio Union Exterior

LED members will be presenting at two highly interactive, engaging sessions at InnovateX on 16 May 2019.

Digital Engagement: What Students Want from Your Online Class

10:15-11:00, Great Hall Meeting Room 1

Meaningful engagement in online learning is a major challenge when teaching at the college level. Do you know what students want from your online class? In this interactive panel presentation, students from Ohio State’s online Master of Learning Technologies program candidly discuss their experiences with teaching methods and technologies in higher education. Gain insight from a variety of students, and take the opportunity to ask them your questions.

Creating Interactive Learning Experiences

11:15-12:00, Great Hall Meeting Room 1

Did you flip pages in narrative adventures such as Choose Your Own Adventure? Did Black Mirror: Bandersnatch snatch your attention? Both excite their audience by offering meaningful choices and encouraging multiple attempts through branching storylines. Learn how the research behind—and applications of—choosing your own adventures inlearning can inspire curiosity and encourage higher-order thinking. Experiment with sample games created through simple presentation software, an eLearning module, and video.

Come and start your conference experience by learning with LED!


LED in 2018: Year in Review

Sign reading Hello There 2018

The LED Research Group celebrated its first year anniversary in August 2018.  Following Reeves & Oh (2017)*, we were founded with the intention of bridging the contexts of theory and practice, and showing how they could mutually inform each other.

For a young research group, we had a number of remarkable accomplishments.


Correia, A.P., North, C.A., Korkmaz, C., Simmerman, V.E. & Bruce Wallace, K.A. (2018). No prior experience necessary: Reflecting on the learning experiences offered by student-created online discussions. In T. Bastiaens, J. Van Braak, M. Brown, L. Cantoni, M. Castro, R. Christensen, G. Davidson-Shivers, K. DePryck, M. Ebner, M. Fominykh, C. Fulford, S. Hatzipanagos, G. Knezek, K. Kreijns, G. Marks, E. Sointu, E. Korsgaard Sorensen, J. Viteli, J. Voogt, P. Weber, E. Weippl & O. Zawacki-Richter (Eds.), Proceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2018 (pp. 2205-2218). Waynesville, NC: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

Correia, A.P., Koehler, N., Thompson, A. & Phye, G. (2018). The application of PhET simulation to teach gas behavior on the submicroscopic level: secondary school students’ perceptions. Research in Science & Technological Education. doi10.1080/02635143.2018.1487834

Leach, A., North, C.A., Gintert, N., Correia, A.P., & Archambault, L. A Portrait of a Modern Online Graduate Student. In M. Simonson (ed) 41th Annual Proceedings of theAssociation for Educational Communications and Technology. Bloomington, IN: Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT).

Presentations and Talks

Other Accomplishments

  • Ana-Paula Correia was awarded OSU’s Office of International Affairs Academic Enrichment Grant.
  • Ana-Paula Correia was chosen as OSU’s director for Center on Education and Training for Employment.
  • Cara North was sworn in as President-Elect of the Central Ohio ATD.
  • Cara North was elected as AECT’s Communications Officer on the Board of the Research and Theory Division.
  • Cara North was a featured speaker in the Training Magazine Network The Masters Series.
  • Erin Clarke was awarded the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Enrichment Fellowship.
  • Vicki Simmerman and Karen Bruce Wallace graduated with their Master of Learning Technology.

With such a great first year, we are excited about what 2019 will bring. We plan to expand LED’s presence both nationally and internationally, add more members to the research group, publish more of our research, and shape learning design and experience theory and practice.


* Reeves, T. C., & Oh, E. (2017). The goals and methods of educational technology research over a quarter century (1989–2014). Educational Technology Research and Development, 65(2), 325–339.

Launch of the LED Website!

LED Website

The front page of the website

The LED Research Group worked hard for many weeks on creating a website that reflects our emerging identity in our first year of working together, and also represents our approach to research into learning technology. Following Reeves & Oh (2017), we have come to pursue theory development/synthesis goals, design/development goals, action/evaluation goals, and descriptive/interpretivist goals. Our rich and multifaceted approach meant that we had to work carefully through the design and development process, so that we could create a user-friendly, unified site.

Our first step was to decide on a platform to create and host the site. As a new but vibrant part of the Ohio State University, we opted for the university’s U.OSU platform, which is available to all students, staff and faculty at the institution, and which offers templates that are coherent with its well-established visual brand. This design choice allowed us to affirm our commitment to the university’s long tradition of research excellence and innovation, and our desire to make a strong contribution to it.

After that, all of the members worked together in building a showcase for the many types of work in which the research group engages, as we designed an intuitive navigation structure, and created textual and visual synopses of our multiple projects. We wanted to showcase not only the research group members, but also the research and development projects that they conduct, and the places where they present and publish their work.

We also chose to keep a LED blog as a way to document the many accomplishments and activities of the group, to share content with the scholarly community in Learning Technologies, and to write about our experiences as a research group that is passionate about deep learning, i.e. learning that focuses on underlying or implicit meaning, that forges connections with prior knowledge and other information, and that foregrounds real-world or authentic applications.

Reeves, T. C., & Oh, E. (2017). The goals and methods of educational technology research over a quarter century (1989–2014). Educational Technology Research and Development, 65(2), 325–339.

Karen Bruce Wallace Graduates!

On 6 May 2018, Karen Bruce Wallace graduated with her Master of Learning Technologies, after successfully completing all the requirements for the degree. She is grateful to all of her professors and peers in the MLT program for helping and supporting her through the journey, and particularly to Dr. Ana-Paula Correia for being a wonderful, inspiring advisor.

Karen Bruce Wallace Defends Her Practicum

Karen Bruce Wallace, with Tamara Wallace, Ana-Paula Correia, and Rick Voithofer

On 6 April 2018 at 11:00 AM, Karen Bruce Wallace presented the final product for her practicum at Nationwide Children Hospital. In attendance were the members of NCH with whom she had worked closely during the practicum: Dr. Tamara Wallace and Dr. Erin Keels from Neonatology, and Jena Hoover and Vian Saggio from Organizational Development. They were joined by Karen Heiser, the Vice-President of Education; Patricia Barr, an Education Coordinator;  and Kimberly Cromwell, the Director of Organizational Development. In addition, her advisor Dr. Ana-Paula Correia and her second reader Dr. Rick Voithofer came to observe the presentation.

Immediately after this presentation, Bruce Wallace successfully defended her practicum project, and completed one of the major requirements for the MLT. She defended the work to Correia and Voithofer, who both felt that it had raised the bar for MLT projects.

If you are curious about the MLT practicum, you can read more about Bruce Wallace’s experience in her portfolio.

LED presence at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference

The LED Research group at the Greater Columbus Convention Center


The LED Research Group gave a talk at the 2018 Ohio Educational Technology Conference, entitled “When Learning Design Meets Online Learning: Concepts and Cases.” We introduced the educators in attendance to the concept of learning design, and showed them how they could use the field’s methods and strategies to design online learning that met their learners’ needs.


Obsession Story by Karen Bruce Wallace Featured on the English Department Website

Karen Bruce Wallace had the pleasure of writing a piece for the English Department’s Obsession Story series, in which members of faculty and staff share one of their passions with the rest of the University. Bruce Wallace wrote about her love for crosswords, which arises out of the passion for words and games that also informs her learning design practices. This article was later selected for College of Arts and Sciences’ “Daily Post” e-mail.


Association for Educational Communications and Technology 2017 annual convention

Cara North and Ana-Paula Correia presented at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) 2017 Annual Convention in Jacksonville, FL. The presentation was titled, “Evaluation of the Duolingo English Test: Implications for K-12 English Language Learners” and was offered in a roundtable format with three other co-presenters.  Resources from the presentation can be found at

AECT concurrent session, Jacksonville, FL.

Correia was also selected as a mentor and guest speaker for the AECT Early Career Symposium that took place two days before the 2017 Annual Convention. The Early Career Symposium aims to create a community of researchers committed to designing the next generation of learning technologies and increase understanding of how people learn in technology-rich learning environments.

AECT Early Career Symposium, Jacksonville, FL.

2017 Faculty Showcase at Innovate

Ana-Paula Correia recently spoke at Innovate, OSU’s 2017 Faculty Showcase, attended by over 110 faculty members. This annual fall event will provide an opportunity to be inspired by faculty innovators at Ohio State. Correia spoke about the power of learners’ voice when they take the lead in online discussions.

ODEE Faculty Showcase, Columbus, OH.

Mid-Western Educational Research Association

Ana-Paula Correia gave the keynote speech at the Mid-Western Educational Research Association entitled “The Faces of Innovation in Education and Research.” Correia offered her own interpretation of the conference theme while weaving instances of her own professional journey that evidenced innovation in teaching and scholarly work.

Correia Presenting at MWERA

Mid-Western Educational Research Association, Evanston, IL.