Congratulations to Fan Xu and Chenxi Liu, our Newest Ph.D. Graduates🎓

By Mimi Adjei (

Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of Fan Xu, Ph.D., and Chenxi Liu, Ph.D. of our Learning and Experience Design (LED) Research Group, whose recent graduations serve as a testament to their incredible journey. Throughout their time with the LED research group, Fan and Chenxi have consistently exhibited brilliance and unwavering passion in their work, leaving a lasting impact on all of us.

Graduates Dr. Fan Xu, and Dr. Chenxi Lui posed in their doctoral regalia with Dr. Ana-Paula Correia.

Left to right: Dr. Fan Xu, Dr. Ana-Paula Correia (Advisor), and Dr. Chenxi Liu.

Fan’s journey has been characterized by transformative discoveries and projects. Through her research, she has not only opened doors to new possibilities but also served as an inspiration to countless colleagues and peers. Fan’s research and insights on Pair Programming in Middle-School Computational Thinking Education will inspire new ideas and advance our understanding of how technology can be used to enhance education and learning. She will continue to be at the forefront of shaping the future of educational technology through her work as a Senior Learning Designer at the Center on Education and Learning for Employment (CETE), The Ohio State University.

Chenxi has brightened our path with her exceptional intellect and insatiable curiosity. Her new Mobile Learning Acceptance Determination (mLAD) Model explains learners’ acceptance of m-learning outside the classroom and constitutes a novel contribution to educational technology. Chenxi’s research and insights will inspire new ideas and advance our understanding of how technology can be used to enhance education. She is currently a full-time Social Sciences Researcher at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, where she continues her pioneering work in exploring the intersection of technology and education and makes contributions to cutting-edge advancements in the field.

We raise a toast as they both embark on new chapters of their lives, ready to make their mark on the world beyond academia. We have no doubt that their success will continue to shine brightly as they apply their expertise and passion to other real-world challenges.

Congratulations Dr. Xu and Dr. Liu!

New Ph.D. graduates Fan Xu and Chenxi Liu posed for a photo in their doctoral regalia.

Left to right: Fan Xu, Ph.D. and Chenxi Liu, Ph.D.