Karen Bruce Wallace Defends Her Practicum

Karen Bruce Wallace, with Tamara Wallace, Ana-Paula Correia, and Rick Voithofer

On 6 April 2018 at 11:00 AM, Karen Bruce Wallace presented the final product for her practicum at Nationwide Children Hospital. In attendance were the members of NCH with whom she had worked closely during the practicum: Dr. Tamara Wallace and Dr. Erin Keels from Neonatology, and Jena Hoover and Vian Saggio from Organizational Development. They were joined by Karen Heiser, the Vice-President of Education; Patricia Barr, an Education Coordinator;  and Kimberly Cromwell, the Director of Organizational Development. In addition, her advisor Dr. Ana-Paula Correia and her second reader Dr. Rick Voithofer came to observe the presentation.

Immediately after this presentation, Bruce Wallace successfully defended her practicum project, and completed one of the major requirements for the MLT. She defended the work to Correia and Voithofer, who both felt that it had raised the bar for MLT projects.

If you are curious about the MLT practicum, you can read more about Bruce Wallace’s experience in her portfolio.