Year in Review

  1. Global Awareness:

To be a global citizen it is essential to be aware of ones’ impact on the greater population. This awareness can help lead you to make informed and educated decisions with a broad point of view. I have taken classes at Ohio State with the intent to obtain this broader scope of knowledge. From coursework based in other languages and cultures to extracurriculars I have certainly grown a lot from high school days. Classes such as abnormal psychology allow me to further understand people that may not be like myself or others I have encountered. This new perspective allows me to be more compassionate and prepares me for the medical field I plan to enter. I hope to continue this trend of increased global awareness by volunteering for medical service trips in other countries or for organizations like Doctors without Borders later in my career.

  1. Original Inquiry

I have been able to experience the process of research hands on by becoming involved in undergraduate research. I work in a lab that investigates the phage-host relationship and how it could potentially be used in medicine. By becoming a part of this lab, I have gained insight on how the research process works from beginning to end. I plan to continue my involvement in this research project throughout my undergraduate career and possibly form my own inquiry and collect data to support it.

  1. Academic enrichment

My honors contract shows my commitment to academic enrichment through my extensive dive into my coursework. My chemistry major and biology minor require a substantial number of intense classes. I chose my major because of my interest in chemistry that began in high school and grew when I took my first chemistry course at college and I switched from biology to chemistry. I satiated my interest in biology by keeping it as my minor. In addition to these requirements I also am on the pre-medicine pathway which requires specific courses to prepare me for medical school. Medical school will continue my academic career after my undergraduate time at Ohio State. A career in medicine allows me to always continue learning.

  1. Leadership Development

I am involved in multiple organizations on campus in leadership positions. I am the service chair for the junior class honorary Bucket and Dipper, as well a professional development committee chair for Humanism in Medicine. These leadership positions help develop me as an effective communicator and delegator. It also taught me to be organized in order to schedule and plan events with multiple people and varying schedules. These involvements assist me in making my mark with working professionals who can then help advance my schooling and be resources throughout my schooling all the way through medical school.

  1. Service Engagement

Service is a pillar in my life and has been for many years. I have volunteered at hospitals to help with patient care as well as My longest running involvement is with Canine Companions for Independence, an off-campus service dog organization that places highly trained assistance dogs with children, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities at no charge. I have taken on the raising and training for three dogs so far for this organization which requires many hours of work and networking. This has allowed me the pleasure of meeting many people who benefit from the organizations work as well as introduce the non-profit to many who had never heard about it. I plan to continue working with this community for a long time through continuing the puppy raise and volunteering.


To achieve my plan of becoming a doctor I first have to achieve my GOALS here at Ohio state. These goals are set by the honors and scholars college and involve global awareness, original inquiry, academic enrichment, leadership development, and service engagement. I plan to expand my horizons and learn global awareness through service, a way to complete two goals together. I thoroughly enjoy working with many different service organizations here in Ohio and across the country, however soon I hope to broaden that area. Through organizations here at Ohio State that organize service trips to staff clinics I can learn and help others across the world. Another track that can lead to making a difference is original inquiry. It is imperative that I become involved in assisting research into serious medical problems as this would be my way to make a mark early in my academic career. Much of my time will be dedicated to academic enrichment, to truly learn and understand the concepts needed for a future in medicine. In addition to the knowledge, leadership is an extremely important skill developed for a career. I will work to provide value and guidance to clubs and other jobs and engagements at Ohio State. By achieving each of these GOALS individually this will lead to a successful experience both in and out of class here at the Ohio State University and throughout my life.


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