Program Overview

Ohio State’s Language Excellence and Academic Preparedness (LEAP) program is a pre-first semester non-credit program to prepares first-year international students for The Ohio State University experience.

Our goal is to assist students with their English language skills and cultural adjustment so they can confidently begin their first autumn semester.

During the program, students will live on campus with meals provided, take language and culture classes, go on field trips and begin autumn orientation. If participants complete all program requirements, tuition will be fully reimbursed with at $950 scholarship!

With a rigorous 36 classroom hours curriculum, students will focus on all the language skills necessary to succeed academically and socially at Ohio State. The American university classroom can be a much different experience from your school system at home. During classes, students ask and answer questions aloud, complete tasks as a group, present in front of their peers and follow strict academic guidelines. We want to make sure that our participants are prepared to communicate effectively in the classroom, make friends on campus and be comfortable expressing themselves at any level.

We believe language and culture are best learned with a combination of study and experience. We have a number of field trips that are designed to complement our classroom learning objectives and prepare students for life at Ohio State and in Columbus, Ohio. Students will live in on-campus housing with meals provided, take tours of campus facilities and begin using campus classroom digital platforms.

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