“Welcome to SRC, the Student Resource Center. I have made this website for three main reasons:

  1. To practice using content management systems to create and maintain websites.
  2. To review my class materials (good practice for exams!).
  3. To make course and subject information available to any who wants it and can use it for their own success.

Thus the content of this website will be entirely focused around classes that I am taking at Ohio State or have taken. That said, it will be changing frequently as I progress through my classes. Since part of the purposes of this site is to make information available to others, I am also willing to share information on courses that you have taken as well! So feel free to look around, e-mail me suggestions, and otherwise use this site at your convenience.

I’d like to extend a personal thanks to The Ohio State University¬†for allowing me the opportunity to make this site available to the world!”

-Dan Leahy Sapphire Lotus
SRC Administrator