Stress Video


Above is a link to a video that I made revolving around the main stressors that I encounter on a daily basis. The two main stressors that I have include school and family. School is a stressor for me in that I feel a lot of pressure to get into a major and graduate on time most of this pressure is put on me by my family; which leads me to my second stressor which is my family. They are constantly putting pressure on me to get really good grades and to pick a major, while at the same time making me feel guilty for being so far away from home. Although there are many other stresses I emcounter on a daily basis, school and family are the two main ones the affect me the most.

STEP Reflection

Coming into the STEP program I expected it to be more like a class, but what I came to realize is that it is more like a community. Although there have only been two meetings so far I have found that this program not only helps me learn more about myself, but also will help me to identify with myself more. Another plus is I get to meet new people and share this experience with them. The use of technology allows this, by making it easier to get to know one another. I feel that STEP is going to be a great experience and encourage me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.